JavaScript is a scripting programming language, which was developed by Netscape. It resembles but it is not a subset of Java. JavaScript can now run on Web browsers as well as on Web servers.

JavaScript is known for adding dynamic effects to web pages, and allowing interaction between the client and the server using the Document Object Model (DOM). JavaScript can have control over the browser by opening a new window, popping up a dialog box, altering a URL location, etc. In addition, it can be used to perform calculations, validate input values of web forms, create dynamic menus, change images as the mouse rolls over them, etc.

Rollover Slide Show

This is an example of a Rollover Slide Show. When the user moves the mouse over one of the thumbnails, the browser quickly replaces the large image with the corresponding thumbnail image and swaps the legend. This effect adds animation and nice looking to the web page.
[run cursor over thumbnail to see large image above]
Crabapple Lilac Magnolia Orchid Peony Rose

Slide Show and Thumbnail Viewer

This is an example of a Slide Show and Thumbnail Viewer. Mouse over, click, view....
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Rate Calculator

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10 by 10 Multiplication Table

The 10 by 10 Multiplication Table below was built using JavaScript with just only a few lines of code. It would be time consuming to build it using only HTML, and calculations would be performed manually. In addition, the table can be modified for other values with the replacement of that value on the script; e.g., if we wanted a 5 by 5 table, we would just substitute on the script the number 10 with number 5.