The Java programming language, which emerged as a language to program microprocessors in consumer devices such as cell phones, was developed by Sun Microsystems. Java "has become the most-preferred platform for developers worldwide." The use of Java saves the programmer a large amount of time because Java is essentially a library of files called "classes" which contain small pieces of ready-made proven code.

Java has two types of programs: applications, which are stand-alone programs, and applets, which are programs that can be embedded into a web page. The demos provided below – "Discover Beautiful Sites of Portugal" and "Learn Portuguese" – are examples of applets. In case you are not able to see them, just download Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 6 – the software is free of charge.

Learn Portuguese

"Hello World" is the traditional first program output. Learn how to say it in Portuguese using the "Learn Portuguese Demo."

Source Code