Web Development

Web Development refers to all areas related to developing a Web site for the World Wide Web. This can include formatting (e.g., CSS, XHTML) and programming languages used to develop Web pages, as well as Web server administration, security, management, and marketing.

Web development can be divided into two areas: Client-Side and Server-Side development. Client-Side Development refers to operations running on a computer, which requests data from another computer called a server. Server-Side Development refers to operations running on a server.

Server-Side Development

  • ASP
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • SQL

Client-Side Development

  • CSS
  • Graphics
  • JavaScript
  • Multimedia
  • XML


As Web development has evolved, most companies have explored ways to use the Web to conduct business, including the buying and selling of goods and services. E-Business has several advantages over physical business: mostly, lower costs and easy access to information. However, some businesses are reluctant to start business on the Web, because of fear of poor security, customer concerns, and lack of personal contact between companies and customers. Nevertheless, adherence to business on the Web has become very popular over the past years. Forrester Research, which conducts the Shop.org study each year, found online sales of $114 billion in 2003 and sales were expected to top $144 billion in 2004.