Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis is the area of study that analyzes, designs, and implements information systems. Nowadays, organizations require improving, developing, or maintaining information systems through the use of well-designed computerized systems to become more efficient and profitable.

The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC refers to the design of systems. The following are the phases present in the development of a system until its implementation:

  • Identify information problems, objectives, and opportunities.
  • Determine and gather information requirements.
  • Analyze system needs. This phase includes the generation of a systems proposal.
  • Design the new system.
  • Develop software and document them.
  • Test the system.
  • Implement, evaluate, and maintain the system.

The System Analyst

The System Analyst proposes, designs, and maintains information systems. He/she serves as a consultant, supporting expert, and an agent of change, who sees the opportunity to switch to another system when necessary to improve the business of a company. The System Analyst should be knowledgeable in the field, self-motivated, adaptable to the environment, and a team-player.


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